In 1984 Crogen* was established by The Pathwalker Guild as the prime Grading station and outdoor all weather training area for the practice and assessment of the skills/craft of The Marbo School of Martial Arts and Survival (MSMAS). Crogen is governed by three Trustees, the Ricon, the Coordinating Trustee and the Managing Trustee. Crogen is set in a green, serene and unspoilt corner of North Wales.

*aka “The Hideaway”after the Hideaway project in Manchester’s Moss Side, ironically the site of the first known indoor [Marbo] PG Branch in the UK.

The Pathwalker Guild


The Pathwalker Guild Conservation Group (PGCG), transformed this slate quarry, abandoned over a century ago, into a woodland garden with specific training areas for the practice/testing of Marbo training methods and techniques. Crogen is also the venue for specialist courses such as; Bushcraft, Survival, Zamora and Sparring. Crogen has been terraformed to fit the multi surface requirements of the PGIC and provide a “Green“ meeting place for Pathwalkers.
“One of the main psychological advantages of conducting Pathwalker [Marbo] training outdoors, especially at Crogen, or the Sanctuary in Transylvania is the “Biophilia” effect. This is the desire we all feel, consciously [or subconsciously], to be connected to nature and the feeling of invigoration that [feeling] imbues.
In addition to this, another advantage of training outdoors on a constantly changing and varied terrain is that the action and experience of doing so hones “Proprioception”, our sense of balance and body awareness which in turn, enhances strength and responsiveness in muscles and joints“.
(The Red Path Section 4 Module 11. The Pathwalker Guild 2009 SWMcG)
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