The Pathwalker Guild


The Pathwalker Guilds Eastern European retreat and training centre, is in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania. The Sanctuary is set on the edge of the great forest, a land of wolves, bears, boar and dark legends. The Director of The Sanctuary is The Caretaker, or "Patron", a Black Grade Pathwalker with extensive knowledge of the Szekler language and culture.

The Pathwalker Guild has led the way in conservation best practice for decades, through the voluntary work of the Pathwalker Guild Conservation Group (PGCG). The Pathwalker Sanctuary project is another example of the PG commitment to conservation and sustainability, the first being Crogen (N Wales UK). The Sanctuary provides 97% of its own energy requirements through solar power and the use of sustainable [carbon neutral] fuel. The Sanctuary also benefits from having its own water supply in the form of a mountain fed well, the local water being of high quality, cold, clear and very refreshing.

The Sanctuary functions as a members retreat with the additional benefit of residential; Instructors courses, Red Path training, Green Path training, Staff, Baton and Zamora courses, Bushcraft, Survival, and the [esoteric] Sandman training.

There is no sign on the wall to indicate the presence of the Pathwalker Guild; It isínt necessary, as those who need to know, know, and those who need to ask, have no right to know.
The Knowledge and Experience of The Pathwalker Sanctuary is a privilege of membership.
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