The Pathwalker Guild (PG), is governed by a controlling board of nine long serving / standing members, known as “Central” and in rank order comprises:
1.The Ricon, 2. The Sanctuary Caretaker (PGSC) / PGCG Sanctuary Trustee, 3. The Pathwalker Guild Senior Instructor (PGIC SI), 4. The Pathwalker Guild Senior Assessor (PGIC SA), 5. MSMAS Chief Instructor (MSMAS CI). 6. The Members Secretary (MemSec), 7. The PGCG Crogen Trustee. 8. The Protocols Chair (PC) and 9. The Archivist.
Several of the aforementioned will also serve as Trustees of both Crogen and The Sanctuary.

The MSMAS Branches are led by a Branch Instructor (BI), “Warranted and Registered” with the PGIC. The BI is assisted by a Branch Secretary (BS) who administrates the branch and a Taskmaster / Technique Key Worker.

The Crogen “G” Grading team in rank order, comprises: 1. Co-ordinator. 2. Assessor. 3. GC Caller. 4. SIS Escort. 5. Stations Master. All branch administration [documentation] is supplied by PG Central, completed by the BI and the BS, and returned to PG Central for attention or archiving.

As a voluntary organisation the PG does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead uses them to pursue its goals of providing both training, and sanctuary for its [registered] members.
Fellowships are awarded for services to the Pathwalker Guild and its membership. Members of PG Central may be rewarded for their services by the provision of additional facility use, such as extended stays at the Sanctuary and/or assistance with travel and additional costs.

The Pathwalker Guild


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